About me

Firstly a huge thank you for visiting my website & welcome!111.JPG

My name is Lucy Thomson and I have a huge passion for all things health, fitness, food & nutrition!

I love to cook, travel and keep fit. Over the last few years I have decided to finally pursue my dreams and put my hobbies to some good use.

There is no doubt I love food and I am sure my family and friends get sick of me raving on about my latest culinary discovery or clogging up their inboxes with the latest restaurant reviews, recipe ideas, photos of my experiences and homemade creations!

Anyways, here is a little bit of background on me –

My parents are both British however I was born in Marbella, Spain where I lived for about 10 years prior to moving to Bali with my mum and older brother, Jack. After a year in Bali I was sent off to boarding school in Perth, Western Australia where I finished high school and went on to study Events Management.

Being fortunate to have lived in three different continents I have been exposed to a wide range of cuisine which of course has been fabulous and has no doubt contributed to my passion for food.  In December 2013 my now husband, Sam and I decided to pack up and leave Australia to travel around Central America for a few months before landing in London in March 2014. We have never looked back and love living in such a big city with so much to offer!

I left the Property Industry to pursue my dreams in health, fitness, food and nutrition! I have been fortunate enough to attend different colleges and schools around London to learn and expand my knowledge in the health and fitness industry.

Please see below a list of my qualifications for your reference –


Fitness –

  • REPS Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer- Premier Global (London)
  • REPS Qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor – Premier Global (London)
  • Pre and postnatal – Premier Global (London)
  • Suspended Movement Instructor Training (TRX) – Premier Global
  • Studio Cycle Instructor – Premier Global


(Please note that although I have attended the below courses, I am not a certified accredited nutritionist as I haven’t completed a university degree)

  • Certificate in Nutrition for Everyday Living – College of Naturopathic Medicine (London)
  • Certificate in Detox, Cleansing and Weight loss – College of Naturopathic Medicine (London)
  • Certificate in Advanced Nutrition for Weight Management – Premier Global (London)
  • Certificate in Nutrition in Practice – Leiths School of Food and Wine (London)

Other –

  • Food Photography and Styling – November 2016 at Le Cordon Bleu London
  • Diploma in Events Management (Australia)

Upcoming/current courses-

  • Advanced mat pilates – Stott
  • Natural Skincare & Nutrition short course – CNM



For any enquiries, nutritional coaching or future personal training please feel free to contact me on –


I look forward to hearing from you!!

Thanks!!! XX


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