Chickpeas – Ingredient of the day!

Chickpeas have a delicious nutlike flavour to them and a buttery, pasty texture! They are such a versatile ingredient – I like to add them

The bone broth wonders

What was once known as your grandparents cure for a cold or flu has now become the next big thing in the health industry… enter

Staying healthy whilst traveling

I love traveling and I am lucky enough to go away a fair bit. However, I find that I can get very carried away and

Carbs for performance

Carbohydrates for performance put to the test… Over the last few weeks I have experimented with increasing my daily carbohydrate intake drastically. I am a

My favourite superfoods!

Cacao and cacao nibs – Who knew chocolate could be so healthy? Since coming across cacao a few years ago there was no looking back,

My ‘good’ morning ritual

After fasting all night, I think it is so important to start the day off right and rehydrate my body and get things flowing! So

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