My top 6 wellness travel essentials

Staying healthy abroad can sometimes be challenging. I love going on holiday however I also love my daily wellness rituals. Below are my 6 travel essentials that I cherish when on holiday to keep me feeling fresh and healthy.

Probiotics – Essential as your immune system isconstantly under attack whilst traveling. From the jetlag, to the oftenunsafe water, dehydration, new climates, stress, strange foods and new beverages – your digestive system is working hard to fight against the unknown. There is a lot of interaction between our gut and our immune system. So, taking probiotics prior to, during and post traveling is paramount to support your immune system and get the most out of your travel. My favourite travel probiotic is Optibac ‘Travel Abroad’ as it doesn’t have to be refrigerated and the strains are specific to  travelling to foreign environments. Link below –

Magnesium – Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in our bodies however many people get less than what they need. I often struggle with falling asleep, aches and swelling whilst traveling. I find that taking magnesium on flights and in the evenings on holiday really helps relax tense muscles, reducespain and aids in sleep.

Psyllium husk– Lack of hydration, change from your normal routine, stress, changes in foods we eat are all amongst the many reasons why people get constipation whilst traveling. Apart from drinking lots of water, I like to pack psyllium husk sachets (fibre) as they can help alleviate constipation and get things moving along post flight. My favourite brand of psyllium husk whilst travelling is Lepicol as they come in little sachets which you can have daily.

Lavender Oil– I am a huge fan of essential oils. I always pack some lavender oil with me to help with jet lag, reduce stress, aid in sleeping and to promote calm feelings. I like to add a few drops on to my pillow case and to my wrists before sleeping.

Face Masks– I love to pack a couple of face masks whilst traveling to help bring the skin back to life post flight. The recirculated cabin air does a number on my skin every time!

Face masks really help to refresh, hydrate and calm the skin – especially when in a new climate. I also like to pack a little beauty kit for the flight which consistsof organic face wipes, beauty mist, a silk sleep mask and a hydrating moisturiser lotion to apply mid-flight!

Tea – I love packing a couple of tea bags for my flights and for my arrival on holiday. I find having my favourite herbal tea with me comforting when away from home. Herbal teas also have an array of health benefits and are a simple way to boost your immune system whilst traveling.

I hope you found this helpful, let me know what your travel essentials are in the comment box below.

L xx


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Lucy Thomson

Lucy Thomson

My name is Lucy Thomson and I have a huge passion for all things health, fitness, food & nutrition!

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