Portugal – Brunch in Porto

I can confidently say that brunch is my favourite meal of the day especially whilst on holiday. What’s not to like about waking up in a new city, satisfying the taste-buds and washing it all down with a quality cup of coffee before heading out to explore!

So, as some of you may know I was recently in Porto with my husband over the Easter long weekend. With a new city to explore, I set myself a challenge to hunt down Porto’s best brunch spots – a challenge I was more than happy to accept!

So, without further ado – I give you my top brunch destinations in Porto;




Zenith opens at 10am – be sure to be there by 10am because by 10:30am this amazing café will have a line out the door – and with good reason too! Being Easter Sunday, the staff were seriously under the pump but they coped really well. The brunch here is fantastic, generous portions and there is something for everyone on the menu. I couldn’t decide if I wanted eggs or a smoothie bowl because everything coming out the kitchen looked amazing –  so I opted for both. To start I had the sweet potato toast with poached eggs and Mr T had the same with a side of bacon and then we shared a delicious as well as aesthetically pleasing mixed berry smoothie bowl – not one complaint in sight. The coffee was outstanding and they even offered almond milk (a rarity in Porto.) I would highly recommend Zenith as it served my favourite brunch in Porto!

Café Progresso


Café Progresso – Also known as the oldest café in Porto. The coffee here is done right, carefully prepared by baristas who seem to know exactly what they are doing. We ordered V60 drip coffee which was really clean and perfectly brewed. The atmosphere is great and a little less busy than Zenith so if you’re after a more relaxed brunch then this place is for you. The food here was delicious too and we enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast. For starters we shared a smoothie bowl and then each had our own serve of poached eggs stacked on a delicious beetroot and carrot fritter served with guacamole! So much flavour in one meal.

The Travelers Café


The Travelers Café – A simple yet tasty breakfast, nothing fancy here just good honest food at a decent price. I had the Swedish breakfast – the meal was yummy and satisfying. Friendly staff, good value and fast service!

I Diplomata


I Diplomata – This café was right next to our Airbnb and having walked passed it several times, I decided to stop in and see what all the fuss was about. If you like pancakes then look no further, this place has you covered. As we had only just had lunch, I chose to pop in for a coffee as I didn’t feel like pancakes but noticed they had Acai bowls on the menu too. So, I ordered an acai yoghurt bowl and a coffee. As you can see by the photo, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but none the less it tasted great. On the other hand, the pancakes coming out the kitchen looked award winning! If you go, don’t make the mistake I made and do yourself a favour – order the pancakes!



Moustache is a trendy little coffee shop in Porto. We didn’t manage to eat here however we enjoyed an afternoon coffee pit-stop here on 2 occasions. They have a nice little spot outside in the square where you can sit and enjoy people watching or if the weather is a bit cooler head upstairs and hit the big comfy armchairs! A great coffee house with a relaxed atmosphere.

I fell in love with Porto for many reasons – the quality of food, the friendly service, the Portuguese were all so lovely, helpful and very welcoming and the city had such a charm to it. Porto we will be back!

Other places worth mentioning which we were recommended and didn’t quite make it to were the Brick, Flaviis brunch and Liquid smoothie bar.

I will be writing about the rest of my foodie experiences in Porto in a separate blog, so keep an eye out for that!


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