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When it comes to personal training, Perth-based Lucy Thomson offers the full package. A qualified instructor for pilates, TRX, spin and general PT, Lucy also has a Diploma in Event Management and has done courses in nutrition, natural skin care and even food photography. Lucy’s broad education is reflective of her ‘lifestyle’ approach to fitness, where exercise is just one part of the whole wellness puzzle.

We first met Lucy Thomson at Mt Claremont Farmers Market, where she often picks up local produce and a loaf of our Paleo Coco Banana Bread for the week. Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate on Lucy’s EOFY Lifestyle Bootcamp event, a morning of community, movement and refuelling with Honest Goods and Pressed Earth juices. We really liked Lucy’s holistic take on the fitness lifestyle, and we think you will too…

Anyone scrolling through your insta feed will see straight away that you really live and breathe the fitness lifestyle. Was fitness always a passion for you, or did you discover it later in life?
I always enjoyed sports and keeping active as a child, however it wasn’t until I was 25 that I decided to leave my corporate job in London to become a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. I have always had a strong passion for food, fitness, nutrition and travel and although it took me about 8 months to take the leap – I’ve never looked back.

I love what I do and the amazing people I get to meet daily!

What are your favourite ways to get moving in Perth? And do you prefer outdoors or indoors exercise?
I love being outdoors, I am very fortunate to be able to spend a lot of my day outdoors running bootcamps or training clients in the privacy of their own gardens or at a local park. I try to go for walks 3 times a week amongst nature or along the ocean as I find it really helps to clear my mind and allows me switch off. I love to vary my workouts each week – my favourite ways to move are boxing, spinning, yoga & pilates!

You’ve also got a lot of experience and qualifications in nutrition. How would you describe your approach to nutrition? Are you a foodie?
I am the BIGGEST foodie, I love going out for meals and hunting down trendy new restaurants or local foodie business around Perth. I’ve always had a huge passion for food and nutrition. I even completed a 10 week culinary Nutrition In Practice course at the prestigious Leiths School of Food and Wine when I lived in London. I am at my happiest when I am at home in my kitchen with the music blaring, creating delicious new recipes for family and friends.

My nutrition approach would be to eat well 80% of the time and indulge the other 20% of the time – life’s too short to not have your cake and eat it too. I believe you have to feed your soul and indulge every now and again! If I am not eating food, I am talking about it and if I am not talking about it – I am thinking about it!

What’s your go-to easy meal to make for yourself at the moment?
I love a one pot wonder as they are always super easy and quick to make. My coconut, lentil and spinach hot pot is the epitome of comfort food, it is full of nourishing ingredients and a guaranteed hit with your dinner guests! You can check out the recipe here.

Lucy's Coconut, Spinach and Lentil Hot Pot

Lucy’s Coconut, Spinach and Lentil Hot Pot

We know you’re a fan of stopping by Claremont Farmers Market to get your Honest Goods, especially the Paleo Coco Banana Bread. What’s your favourite combo when you have it at home?
My favourite combo is toasted Paleo Coco banana bread topped with my homemade mixed berry chia jam. Yum!

I’m living in Perth and I know my health needs a kickstart, but I don’t know exactly where to start. What can you offer me in terms of services and advice?
I am a mobile Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor. I want to make exercising easy and convenient for those who are short on time and unable to make it to the gym or for young mums caring for their children at home. I am also able to offer nutrition advice to clients who require it as I studied nutrition at The College Of Naturopathic Medicine in London. I am pre and post natal trained and my aim is to make training convenient and fun! I bring the gym to you.

EOFY Bootcamp, left Caroline Sandover, right Lucy Thomson. Image courtesy of Caroline Sandover

EOFY Bootcamp, left Caroline Sandover, right Lucy Thomson. Image courtesy of Caroline Sandover

Refuelling at EOFY Bootcamp with Honest Goods and Pressed Earth. Image courtesy of Caroline Sandover

Refuelling at EOFY Bootcamp with Honest Goods and Pressed Earth. Image courtesy of Caroline Sandover

You run regular bootcamps and community events. What can people expect at one of your bootcamps, and how can people find out about future events to get involved?
Bootcamps are my favourite sessions of the week, I have got the most amazing bunch of members that make the workout a laugh for everyone! It can be quite intimidating to try something new however there are no judgments at my #lifestylebootcamp sessions, newcomers are welcomed with open arms! The workout is suitable for everyone, male and female, all fitness levels welcome.

My bootcamps run at Allen Park oval in Swanbourne every Wednesday and Friday morning at 6:10am for a 45 minute circuit based workout.

As of August 2019 I will be adding the following sessions to be held at Shenton Park Lake;

·      Tuesday 6am #Lifestylebootcamp.

·      Tuesday 9:30am #LifestyleMums (Mum and bubs group)

Limited spots are available so please send me an email or private message on Instagram to secure your spot prior.

Finish this sentence: To me, the balanced life means…
Giving all aspects of your life equal attention. Mastering the art of having a balanced life can be quite hard but I truly believe it all comes back to what makes you happy – because at the end of the day that is the most important thing!

Follow Lucy on Instagram @lifestylelucypt for news and upcoming events around Perth.

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Lucy Thomson

Lucy Thomson

My name is Lucy Thomson and I have a huge passion for all things health, fitness, food & nutrition!

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