Self-love this February

“No one else is going to make you happy until you are happy with yourself first

February as we know it, is the month of love which for some can be quite depressing, it’s a short month which can also sometimes feel like longest month of the year due to the long dark, cold and grey days!

The way I see it, is we have two options this month – to go through the month with a negative mind-set, feeling miserable and depressed or we can embrace this month as one step closer to spring, challenge our mind-set and learn to be happy with what we have already got.

Whether you’re single, married, a mum, a teenager, male or female we can all embrace a little bit of self-love in our lives. So, ask yourself what it is that you really like to do? How do you switch off? What do you wish you had more time for? Really think about these questions and set yourself the task of being a do-er this month, not a dreamer.

Time to make a change this February and learn to look after yourself, learn to say no and schedule in some ‘you time’ each week whether that be having a bath, going for a walk without your phone, taking yourself out for a nice meal or reading that book you always wished you had time for.

Make a change this month, do it for you and no one else!


Get out of your fitness slump!

There are so many great reasons to exercise however most of us find it a real chore, struggle to find motivation and make continuous excuses as to why we don’t get moving – trust me I have heard them all!

There is no better time than now to ditch the all or nothing rule and give exercise a go as we all know the benefits are endless!

I have outlined my top 5 ways to help you get motivated and out of that fitness slump below:

1 – Change your perspective

Don’t think you have to throw yourself into an intense, sweaty HIIT workout to reap the benefits. Try and change your perspective of things and realise that you don’t have to be the fittest person in the class, the fastest runner to get started. I can guarantee you the hardest part of starting is changing your mindset and deciding to create the habit of committing to a few hours a week of exercise! Once you believe you can get up and do it, the ‘do-ing it’ becomes easy!

2 – Stop comparing

With everyone getting so caught up in social media, it is so hard to not compare yourself to the size 6 model on your phone screen who has no doubt taken countless shots to get the perfect thigh gap and skinny arm on hip look – not to mention the countless hours in hair and makeup. Stop comparing yourself to others and learn to love yourself! You are you and you are amazing! Do what you love, enjoy and most importantly makes you feel great! Don’t start doing pilates, hiit or even spin classes because you think it will make you look a certain way. Learn to do things for you and not because other people are doing it. At the end of the day if you’re not happy in your own skin, you will never be happy – you could reach your target goal and still not be happy. Happiness comes from the inside out, so stop comparing yourself to others and start believing in yourself.

3 – Find what you love

I think it is so important to find something that motivates you, something you love and you will enjoy doing a few times a week! It could be going for a walk, roller blading, at home yoga videos, boxing, pilates, even a PT session with me J! If you don’t enjoy doing it then you will only make excuses. Try making it fun too, mix it up and find variety so you don’t get bored of doing the same thing week in and week out.

4 – Schedule in your workout

Every weekend I sit down and fill out my diary with scheduled classes and gym sessions for the week ahead. I think it is so important to set aside a few hours a week to be good to your body which in turn will only help boost your confidence and motivation. These sessions should be just as important as any of your other appointments or social catch ups. Don’t cancel them, don’t make excuses and don’t reschedule them – as lets be honest rescheduling is just as bad as cancelling! Set up reminders on your calendar with things that will motivate you, change your screensaver and always remember your intention as to why you started exercising! Schedule in your workout, don’t be lazy, give yourself a pep talk if you have to and get it done – trust me the endorphins are worth it!

5 – Train with a friend

I am sure there are a lot of people in your friendship group that are struggling to get started, reach out to your friends and suggest to go for walks in the park, attend classes together and organize for coffee or breakfast dates afterwards. Social catch-ups make the workout worthwhile, enjoyable and rather amusing at times! Its one thing cancelling on yourself but another to cancel on friends, you are less likely to do it! Grab a few buddies, lock in a few sessions for the next few weeks and make it a weekly event!

So, get rid of your expectations that exercise is too difficult, that you’re too busy, tired and you’re not athletic enough, you’re too old, unhealthy or overweight! Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, go for a walk through the park a few times a week and learn to love it!

I hope the above has motivated you in some way to get started today.

If you have any comments or other ways of getting motivated you would like to share, then please do so!

Lucy X X X