Rise and shine

Waking up in the morning is something that a lot of people struggle with, I certainly used to. These days, I am up between 5-6am every week day and I can truthfully say I tend to bounce out of bed even during these cold winter months. I don’t let my mind begin to even think ‘its 5am I should still be asleep’ because that negative mentality is not healthy for myself or my day ahead.

I do however, have a few things I do each morning to help the process and easier one. Below are my top 6 tips to help you rise and shine in the morning.

  1. Get some good Zzz – Ensure you get a good night sleep by going to bed at a decent hour. Try turning off the TV 30 minutes before bed and picking up a book instead. I don’t allow my laptop in bed with me nor do I have a TV in my room because even though you may find you can fall asleep in-front of a screen, your sleep will most likely still be affected preventing you from getting a quality night sleep, making waking up a lot harder to do!
  2. Do not hit the snooze. Whatever you do, do not snooze – it does more harm than good. An extra 15 minutes in bed will more often than not leave you feeling groggy! I like to use the 5,4,3,2,1 method. As soon as your alarm goes off, count down in your head 5, 4, 3, 2 and then jump out of bed on the 1. You will feel so much more energised!
  3. Rehydrate immediately. After a long nights sleep, your body will be thirsty. I like to have a warm glass of lemon water mixed in with some apple cider vinegar each morning to help kick-start my digestion, quench my thirst and get some nutrients into my body!
  4. Don’t scroll through social media until you have gotten up and done something that day. Don’t make scrolling through your phone the first thing you do in the morning as it really isn’t a healthy habit for you or your mind. Endlessly scrolling can also waste a lot of precious time first thing!
  5. Stretch & Breathe By stretching first thing in the morning you are instantly improving your brain activity by increasing the blood flow to your brain which helps to sharper your concentration, circulation and energy levels! Stretching each day is also a really great way to improve your flexibility and mobility.
  6. Make your bed Making your bed in the morning is such a small task however it can make such a big difference to your day ahead. I love the small feeling of accomplishment when the bed is made and my room looks clean and tidy! A decluttered space makes for a decluttered mind.

So, start incorporating these healthy habits into your morning routine to help you kick-start your day on the right foot!

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Marbella – Ultimate Performance

I started to write this blog as part of a Marbella travel blog (which will be following this one).  I then realised that I actually had so much to say about the facilities and staff at UP that it in fact deserved its own blog post – which is rare for me!

My Dad lives in Marbella and it is also where I was born and spent the first 10 years of my life. I try my best to visit him roughly 3 times a year and UP is without fail always on my agenda. I have been going to UP Marbella since they opened in early 2014, way before I was even a qualified Personal Trainer.


I get butterflies every time I walk up the stairs to this place and a feeling of excitement and anticipation. I absolutely love training here and although I don’t always train when I go on holiday – I can’t not when I am in Marbella because the facilities, the trainers and the environment at UP are second to none! For those of you who don’t know, UP is a chain of gyms throughout the world founded by Nick Mitchell (@heynickmitchell – they have a reputation for being the best in the business especially when it comes to body transformations.


UP Marbella however is unlike any of their other locations as it is far more accommodating to the traveller and offers greater accessibility to the general public. They offer group training classes each day which I absolutely love and is the reason why I go there. The classes tend to be filled with a variety of people ranging from Spanish locals, to holiday makers and expats – people of all shapes and sizes and fitness capabilities – the classes are very much geared for everyone and anyone!

The ‘meltdown’ classes consist of strong man exercises such as battle-ropes, sled pushes, prowlers, hill sprints, squats which tend to run for a period of 45 minutes. If you don’t know what these exercises are, don’t let that stop you – the staff will demonstrate each exercise and will tailor it to your needs and all the while they will happily answer any questions you may have.

The classes will leave you feeling amazing and full of endorphins! What’s not to like – train hard outdoors, using some of the best equipment in the world whilst being pushed by supportive trainers to then go and enjoy your day eating tapas and drinking sangria on the beach!


If you are after a 1-1 PT session, then Shaun (@shaunestragopt) is your man, he is like a big friendly giant who is full of knowledge and has years of experience with some of the best in the industry. I love booking in sessions with Shaun as it gives me a little bit of variety from the classes and I always leave his sessions knowing I have learnt something new and that I will no doubt be sore the next day. He is also an active release techniques therapist (movement based massage which helps release soft tissue that treats problems like with muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments etc.)

Highly recommended!





Bali’s fitness scene

Bali’s fitness scene has certainly sky rocketed over the last few years making it an even more appealing holiday destination for some. I know it is not for everyone but I certainly love keeping fit on holiday as I think it is a great way to try new things and get out of my routine.

Outlined below are my top picks on where to keep fit in Bali, from yoga to crossfit to surfing.



Where: Desa Seni in Berawa

This eco-friendly, boutique resort has the most amazing vibe to it as soon as you walk through their doors. It truly is a slice of heaven and a nice, peaceful change to the hustle and bustle of the streets of Bali. At Desa Seni there is something for everyone and at all levels. They offer a wide range of classes including yin yoga, power yoga, kundalini, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa, meditation and more. The yoga classes are held in the most beautiful setting, an open air yoga studio over-looking their lush tropical gardens. The yoga teachers are welcoming and inspiring – all egos are left at the door!



Where: Wanderlust in Canggu

Don’t be scared or intimidated by the word ‘crossfit’ as this place is easy going and welcoming. I’d go as far as saying that the best thing about this place is the community spirit. Wanderlust offers crossfit, metcon, olympic lifting and movement classes as well as an open gym – where you can use their amazing facilities and equipment without signing up to a class. Each workout can also be scaled up or down, meaning they are suitable for all ages and physical conditions.

The owner David along with the other coaches are super friendly, professional and motivating. From locals to expats and international travellers Wanderlust is the perfect place to go and meet other people from all over the world.  One thing is for sure, you will be dripping in sweat in a matter of minutes – don’t expect air-con here!



Where: Sunset Pilates – 2 locations (Legian and Berawa)

Sunset Pilates have two gorgeous locations, Legian and Berawa. They have been in Bali for over 10 years and there is a reason for it – they are the best Pilates studio in Bali with a phenomenal reputation! The Pilates classes in Berawa are held in a beautiful Joglo style building with lots of natural light, cool air conditioning and with gorgeous teachers.

The facilities here are wonderful – The studio is spotless and the equipment is of the best quality. The whole experience here is fabulous. Their studio in Berawa is an absolute must visit if you love Pilates, it actually has just started offering roof top yoga too – so why not try both and once you are done you can head to their raw juice bar.  They also have a kiddies playground and great restaurant.


Fitness Classes –

Motion fitness in Seminyak

If you want an array of fitness classes, then motion fitness is the place to go. They offer a full range of classes from high intensity interval training (fit flow & hyper shape classes) to dynamic Pilates, TRX and even yoga classes. From their expert teachers and well run classes they really know how to make working out fun! Don’t miss out on their Canggu café (Café Avocado) where they serve the most delicious, wholesome food so be sure to save some time to get that post workout meal in.


A health and fitness retreat

Where: The Retreat Lembongan in Nusa Lembongan

A full week of health and fitness in a fabulous tropical island setting! This amazing retreat has got you covered if you want to enjoy 7 days of fitness, food & relaxation all planned out for you. It will be held on Bali’s neighbouring island, the breath-taking Nusa Lembongan – just 30 minutes by fast boat from Bali mainland.  The retreat offers a range of activities throughout the week from stand-up paddle boarding, yoga, hiking, snorkelling, surfing, beach workouts, massages, meditation, wellness workshops and more – The Retreat Lembongan has something for everyone and the location is stunning! (www.theretreatlembongan.com)


Surfing and Diving

Surfing – Because you’re in Bali! Warm water, great weather and playful waves, it would be rude not to give surfing a go on your visit to Bali. You can’t go wrong either, there are an abundance of surfing spots scattered across the island along with countless surf schools. Surfing is so much fun and surprisingly, it is a really tough workout too! There is nothing quite like that feeling of standing up for the first time and riding the waves. You can’t go to Bali and not give it a go!

Diving – Pristine waters, tropical fish, fabulous coral reef, manta rays and the amazing Mola Molas (sunfish).  It’s not for nothing that Indonesia was voted second year in a row the top diving spot in the world (Dive Magazine 2017 Travel Awards).  Maybe diving doesn’t quite fall under the category of fitness but if you are a diver you couldn’t possibly come to Bali and not dive – and if you are not a diver, this is your perfect opportunity to give it a go!

Gyms –  

If you are after a traditional gym and health club then be sure to check out the following places – Finns Recreational Gym, Soham Wellness Centre, Daily Gym and Hammerhead Gym! If you go to Daily Gym in Seminyak – be sure to speak to Anthony for one of the best boxing sessions in Bali!

Staying fit on holiday certainly isn’t for everyone, but for some people keeping up the exercise regime is a nice balance between sampling the local cuisine, quaffing delicious cocktails and lying by the pool all day.



Digestion – It’s not only about food!

Digestion is not only about the foods you eat but it is also about how you consume them as well as your daily activities.

Many of us think that digestive issues are only about the food and drink we consume but there is so much more to it than just that. Let’s put food aside for this article and talk about other ways in which you can support your digestive system. The below points are fantastic holistic ways  you can improve your digestion;

  • Mindful Eating – Eat sitting down with no screens in sight (you don’t need to be connected to your phone or laptop whilst eating).  By visualizing your food your brain informs the stomach of digestive activities. I am huge advocate of mindful eating and always try my best to sit down away from my laptop and phone even when I am in a rush! How many times have you eaten something, a packet of nuts lets just say for the sake of the argument, then you look down and they are all gone and you hadn’t even realised you had eaten them?!Take control over your eating habits and pay attention to what you are eating, enjoy your meal, sit down and pay attention to the flavours, textures and smells. Listen to your body and learn to stop when you are full. I know it sounds silly but when you are eating, try and just eat and stop everything else you are doing – get rid of the distractions!
  • Chew your food – It sounds so simple however a lot of us don’t do it. Learn to slow down and chew your food. The process of digestion starts with visualising and then chewing your food, chewing breaks down your food into smaller particles which therefore make them a lot easier to digest. Chewing also signals the body to start the digestion process by coating your food with saliva and informing the stomach to produce stomach acid to ensure proper digestion. By not chewing your food properly it can lead to bloating and over eating! Research shows that chewing your food and taking longer to consume your meal will result in you eating less preventing any weight gain – bonus!
  • Movement – Get your body moving on a daily basis. I love the term, movement = movement! Regular exercise and getting your body moving helps keep food moving through your digestive system as well as reduces constipation. Go for a walk on you lunch break after you’ve eaten your meal, wake up early and do some stretches and breathing techniques on your living room floor. It doesn’t have to be high intensity, the main thing is to try and get your body moving more on a daily basis and minimise the amount you sit down at your desk or in your car.
  • Squat –Did you know that about 1 in 7 adults suffer from chronic constipation – that is a huge amount! As human beings, we were designed to squat and not sit upright on the toilet. When we squat, gravity does most of the work as the weight of our torso presses against our thighs which then compresses against our colon. My advice to you is, if you are having problem pooping – squat down on your bathroom floor in the morning upon awakening, take 10 deep slow breaths in through the nose and out through the move. Once you have completed the 10 breathes, then get up and go to the toilet. I can guarantee you it will help you go to the loo! If you are after more help then check out the amazing ‘squatty potty’ online! I keep hearing many good things!

Take control over your habits today by applying the above simple principles. I think it is so important to get the fundamentals right first and then incorporating a diet packed full of fibre, wholefoods and lots of water to compliments it.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me privately.


Preparing for a long haul flight

I truly believe there is a lot you can do to beat the ‘lag’ and get yourself ready for a dreaded long haul flight or maybe even two! We’ve all heard it before, but I will say it again. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Long haul flights aren’t enjoyable (well unless you are lucky enough to turn left rather than right onto the plane!) but poor planning can make a long haul flight less agreeable yet. So below I have out lined some of my top tips to help make the journey a more enjoyable one.

EXERCISE – Get your body moving, whether it is a pre flight stretch, yoga, half an hour walk or even a run. I think it is very important to make a point of getting your body moving. Let’s face it, sometimes with the dreaded flight time we are unable to get to the gym, waking up 20 minutes early and spending some time stretching and breathing on your living room will still provide you with a host of benefits. Moving your body and breathing is a great way to de-stress, relax and get your body mobile before being crunched up for a long period of time.

HYDRATE – Try and start hydrating your body the day and even night before your flight. Once you have gone through security, go and buy yourself a coconut water which is packed full of electrolytes and minerals as well as a 1 litre bottle of water for the flight. Research states you should drink half a pint of water every hour whilst on a long haul flight. Try and stay off the alcohol and limit your caffeine in-take as this will only dehydrate you. Long haul flights are like a drain, they suck all the moisture out of your skin, body and leave you feeling tired so make sure to consume as much water as you can on the plane – it will also encourage you to get up to go to the toilet and get your body moving.

PLAN- I don’t know anyone that likes plane food, it’s never good and its always full of hidden nasties! I like to pack some healthy snacks and a little lunch box bag with some ice packs in it with a nutritious meal – Try and pack at least one nutritious meal to save you from giving into the airplane food! Before the flight eat a delicious nourishing meal before which will leave you full for as long as possible. A lot of people struggle to go to the toilet after a flight due to the compression, eat lots of fibre rich foods pre, during and after the flight as well as packing a probiotic to help support your digestive system (I love traveling with OptiBac probiotics as they don’t need refrigerating)!

The airport is full of chocolates, sweets and tempting treats so rather than neglecting yourself from these buy yourself some healthier alternatives like raw balls, healthy bars and a fruit and nut mix so you don’t feel deprived!

ENTERTAINMENT – Download some podcast that you enjoy listening to before you board the flight, you will be surprised as to how fast they can make time go! Buy a book and some magazines of interest and always make sure you have charged the battery on your phone and tablet/laptop before the flight!


OTHER TIPS – Here are a few other tips which I find help:

  1. As soon as you take off set your watch to the local time of your destination, try and get into the swing of things straight away and into that timezone.
  2. Hydration is key as mentioned above but I also like to pack eye cream, toner, hand cream and other some skin care products to help rejuvenate my skin mid-flight.
  3. When booking your flight, try and limit the amount of time you have in transit.
  4. Always book your seat if you prefer aisle or window, that way you won’t get stuck in the middle!

You really don’t have to do all of the above, people who know me know I am very organised. Try and plan ahead next time and do a few of the above things as I can guarantee you it will make traveling more enjoyable.






Why you should start mobility training!

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live!”

 First things first – what is mobility and is it the same as flexibility?

So, mobility refers to our ability to move freely without stress on the body. Our flexibility is dependent on the range of motion of our muscles. The two are not the same, but are not mutually exclusive. Good mobility can assist your flexibility and vice versa.

So why is it so important to include mobility training and stretching into your exercise program? Most people overlook the importance of these two rather significant components of exercise and think they can get away with a few stretches before and after a session. As we get older our bodies tend to take longer to recover and our natural flexibility tends to decrease substantially every year. Basic movements can become laboured and difficult so it is extremely important to include a decent mobility program into your weekly exercise regime.

It is great to look good however if you can’t move freely without stress or pain then what good is that? The benefits of including a mobility training into your regime are increased performance, faster recovery, injury prevention and increase posture & general wellbeing. It is just as important if not more important as lifting weights or thrashing yourself on the bike for 45 minutes.

The amazing thing is, is it is never too late to start! As humans, we can reclaim our ability to move freely by incorporating a simple but effective program into our weekly routine. It is time to stop being lazy and to start making the effort to focus on your mobility training. Set aside 30 minutes, 3 x a week to stretch and work on mobility drills – I guarantee you, you will feel SO much better for it and your performance in the gym will drastically improve!

Mobility training should be an essential component of ANY exercise program. So take action by foam rolling, activating your muscles prior to working out (resistance bands are great for this), stretching with dynamic and static stretches, self-myofascial release and carrying out simple mobility drills. You may find it hard at first but your mobility and flexibility will rapidly improve each time, you will not only look better, you’ll feel better as well.

Do your future self a favour and don’t let your body suffer.


Simple food swaps for a healthier diet!

There are plenty of ways you can make food swaps in your diet to prevent bloating and gut issues, to help you consume less calories and to feed your body with nutrient dense foods. All of these little swaps can really make such a difference to your general wellbeing. Remember that these small changes can add up to make a big difference over time. Here are my top recommendations:

Cereals for oats – Try swapping your morning sugar laden cereals with oats. Oats provide a slower release of energy over time rather than a sharp peak in blood sugar levels followed by a crashing drop. Oats are naturally gluten-free, contain lots of dietary fibre, magnesium and phosphorus.

Vegetable oils for coconut oil – Try and avoid hydrogenated oils as much as possible as they are highly processed, full of trans-saturated fats and don’t contain any nutritional value! I love using coconut oil to cook with instead – it’s the perfect oil to use when cooking at high temperatures as it doesn’t spoil! Amongst many other benefits, coconut oil is a unique fat that contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which is a fatty acid the body uses to help produce energy!

White rice with quinoa, freekeh or even cauliflower rice! –  freekeh is an ancient grain which has a very low glycemic index, fewer calories than rice and is high in minerals. It also has twice as much fiber as quinoa and more protein too, it does however contain gluten so for those who are coeliac, best to stay clear! Quinoa on the other hand is gluten free, high in fibre and B vitamins. Quinoa is also a full protein containing all nine essential amino acids which we need to gain from our diets as our bodies can’t produce them. Cauliflower rice is so easy to make and is a low carb option I would highly recommend – simply steam your cauliflower and then blitz it in a blender to enjoy!

Potatoes with sweet potato which are rich in beta carotene. Our bodies then convert beta carotene into vitamin A which helps support our immune function, good vision, skin, hair and nails! So to help premature aging, increase hair growth and boost your immune system start getting creative with one of my favourite foods – the sweet potato!

Butter with avocado. Although I don’t consider butter a ‘bad’ food and use grass fed butter in my day to day cooking, I like to consume it in moderation and it’s great to have an alternative. Enter the glorious green avocados which are packed full of antioxidants, fiber and heart healthy fats. They are creamy in texture and taste delicious. The good fats in avocados can also help your body absorb other fat soluble vitamins and nutrients!

Meat for oily fish at least once or twice a week! Fish such as sardines, mackerel, salmon, herring are great sources of oily fish. Try and incorporate more foods high in Omega 3s to help lower blood pressure, keeps your skin hydrated and support brain health!

I could write about food swaps all day long as there are so many little changes you can incorporate. Here are an additional few to help you on your way –

  • Hamburger bun for a Portobello mushroom
  • Tomato sauce for a rich homemade version
  • White bread for rye
  • Noodles for zoodles (zucchini noodles)
  • Strawberry jam for chia seed jam (go check out my recipe)

Let me know how you get on!

L xx

Get out of your fitness slump!

There are so many great reasons to exercise however most of us find it a real chore, struggle to find motivation and make continuous excuses as to why we don’t get moving – trust me I have heard them all!

There is no better time than now to ditch the all or nothing rule and give exercise a go as we all know the benefits are endless!

I have outlined my top 5 ways to help you get motivated and out of that fitness slump below:

1 – Change your perspective

Don’t think you have to throw yourself into an intense, sweaty HIIT workout to reap the benefits. Try and change your perspective of things and realise that you don’t have to be the fittest person in the class, the fastest runner to get started. I can guarantee you the hardest part of starting is changing your mindset and deciding to create the habit of committing to a few hours a week of exercise! Once you believe you can get up and do it, the ‘do-ing it’ becomes easy!

2 – Stop comparing

With everyone getting so caught up in social media, it is so hard to not compare yourself to the size 6 model on your phone screen who has no doubt taken countless shots to get the perfect thigh gap and skinny arm on hip look – not to mention the countless hours in hair and makeup. Stop comparing yourself to others and learn to love yourself! You are you and you are amazing! Do what you love, enjoy and most importantly makes you feel great! Don’t start doing pilates, hiit or even spin classes because you think it will make you look a certain way. Learn to do things for you and not because other people are doing it. At the end of the day if you’re not happy in your own skin, you will never be happy – you could reach your target goal and still not be happy. Happiness comes from the inside out, so stop comparing yourself to others and start believing in yourself.

3 – Find what you love

I think it is so important to find something that motivates you, something you love and you will enjoy doing a few times a week! It could be going for a walk, roller blading, at home yoga videos, boxing, pilates, even a PT session with me J! If you don’t enjoy doing it then you will only make excuses. Try making it fun too, mix it up and find variety so you don’t get bored of doing the same thing week in and week out.

4 – Schedule in your workout

Every weekend I sit down and fill out my diary with scheduled classes and gym sessions for the week ahead. I think it is so important to set aside a few hours a week to be good to your body which in turn will only help boost your confidence and motivation. These sessions should be just as important as any of your other appointments or social catch ups. Don’t cancel them, don’t make excuses and don’t reschedule them – as lets be honest rescheduling is just as bad as cancelling! Set up reminders on your calendar with things that will motivate you, change your screensaver and always remember your intention as to why you started exercising! Schedule in your workout, don’t be lazy, give yourself a pep talk if you have to and get it done – trust me the endorphins are worth it!

5 – Train with a friend

I am sure there are a lot of people in your friendship group that are struggling to get started, reach out to your friends and suggest to go for walks in the park, attend classes together and organize for coffee or breakfast dates afterwards. Social catch-ups make the workout worthwhile, enjoyable and rather amusing at times! Its one thing cancelling on yourself but another to cancel on friends, you are less likely to do it! Grab a few buddies, lock in a few sessions for the next few weeks and make it a weekly event!

So, get rid of your expectations that exercise is too difficult, that you’re too busy, tired and you’re not athletic enough, you’re too old, unhealthy or overweight! Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, go for a walk through the park a few times a week and learn to love it!

I hope the above has motivated you in some way to get started today.

If you have any comments or other ways of getting motivated you would like to share, then please do so!

Lucy X X X

My top 25 tips to a healthier you!

Your day to day choices not only influence your health but your vitality as you age. Try and gradually introduce these tips into your daily routine to create new habits. Choose 5 things you don’t already do and carry them out today. Make the change now and I guarantee you will start to feel better almost instantly! As the days go by, it will only become easier and theses tips will soon become second nature to you!

So here are my top 25 strategies to a better and healthier you –

  1. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate – aim for a minimum of 2lts a day.
  2. Remove processed and packaged foods from your diet as they are low in nutrients and wont keep you satisfied in the long run. These include fruit juices, chocolate, crisps, ice creams, confectionary, low fat, sweetened yoghurts, soft drinks, crackers, biscuits, dried fruit etc.
  3. Remove refined sugars from your diet.
  4. Get a good night sleep! Turn all electrical devices off an hour before bed and read a book, meditate or listen to some music.
  5. Relax and maintain stress– Have a bath full of Epsom salts or magnesium flakes.
  6. Don’t eat ‘bad’ fats as they increase your bad cholesterol – Stop eating trans fats like deep fried foods and cooking with sunflower oil, vegetable oils, peanut oils, corn and rapeseed oil. Opt for organic and cold pressed varieties of olive oil, coconut oil and flax seed oil. Eat fats high in Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s in moderation!
  7. Eat breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it doesn’t mean you have to go big though. If you’re not a big eater in the morning and tend to skip breakfast look at having a piece of fruit with some nuts, yoghurt or some sort of protein (smoke salmon, eggs etc)
  8. You time – Get outdoors, go to the park and go for a walk. Disconnect from your phone and take some time out.
  9. Mindful eating – Sit down at your kitchen table and eat, don’t eat in front of your TV, laptop or phone. Eat slowly, chew your food and enjoy it! Wait atleast 20 minutes before going for seconds.
  10. Eat lots of fruit and vegetable – These are high in vitamins and minerals which is crucial for optimal health. They will help your body to remove any toxins and waste during your detox, weight loss phase. Eat as many green vegetables as possible and avoid high sugar fruits such as bananas, apples, mangoes, grapes and dates for a few weeks while you re-set your system!
  11. Remove starchy foods/wheat from your diet – Some of these foods include wheat, barley, bread, bagels, pitta, crumpets, rolls, pizza, white rice, pasta, potatoes, breakfast cereals and bars, pastries, croissants etc.
  12. Get moving – get off the tube a stop earlier and walk to work or better yet walk or ride to work. Walk up the escalators, always try and reach your 10,000 step goal a day on your smart phone.
  13. Exercise – Aim to get your sweat on 3+ times a week. Go for a run, swim, spin class, go to the park and do a circuit, do some sprints. The higher the intensity the better. The options are endless!
  14. Eat lots of fibre rich foods to help maintain a healthy bowel movement. Foods high in fibre include lentils, chickpeas, peas, brussel sprouts, artichokes, black beans, avocado, berries, oats.
  15. Eat probiotic rich foods or take a probiotic supplement to help support your gut microbes and maintain ‘good’ bacteria. Foods such as pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and good quality Greek yoghurt are great sources of probiotics.
  16. Meditate – learn to meditate, concentrate on your breathing and sit in silence for at least 10 minutes every day. Make time for it!
  17. Reduce or remove alcohol from your diet for at least 2 weeks. Give your system a break!
  1. Eat real foods – Eat how your ancestors would eat. Eat good quality proteins, dairy, fruit and vegetables.
  2. Eat the rainbow – Try and eat a mixed array of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Try and get as many different vitamins and minerals into your diet as possible. Mix up your food show each week!
  3. Remove toxins from your body/life – Buy organic proteins and vegetables if or where you can afford to. Use natural beauty and cleaning products. Remove the amount of plastic used in your household.
  1. Go to the farmers markets – Buy local fresh produce which hasn’t travelled far to get to you and will contain far more nutrients than the supermarket produce from Peru!
  2. Cut out the crap – Start reading ingredient labels. If you can’t pronounce the ingredient or don’t know what it is then just don’t eat it!
  3. Eat raw and fresh foods first – Raw foods contain more enzymes in them. Try and eat these foods first throughout the day!
  4. Stop rewarding yourself with food – Enjoy a manicure, a night at the movies, a pair of new trainers or anything else you may have your eye on!
  1. Nourish – Eat for nutrients, nourish your body. Think to yourself before eating or buying something – Is this food going to make me feel energized and amazing or sluggish and guilty!

Hope you enjoyed these tips, please let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

Lucy xx